Men’s Beard Oil and Serum


Rich in Vitamins A, D, E and F as well as Omegas 3, 6 and 9. A powerful Antioxidant and free radical scavenger. High in moisture, anti-ageing and reduce the signs of sun damage while promoting hair growth.

(2-in-1) Sandalwood is known as a sun protector, is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, reduce signs of acne, blackheads, pimples and pigmentation or sun damage. The soft manly fragrance goes a long way to make this a favourite among gents.

Clove oil is a powerful anti-ageing product and helps to reduce the signs of ageing by removing dead skin and increasing blood circulation.


Use: Apply to daily to your face, neck and chest as a treatment for anti-ageing, to repair sun damage, hydration or just maintaining your vibrant healthy skin. Start by washing your face with the Men’s Facial Gel wash, rinse and dry off. Apply a few drops to the palms of your hands and rub them together until warm. Press the palms of your hands to your face, neck, and chest area.

Beard – After washing and drying your face, apply a few drops to the palm of your hands and rub them together until you feel the warmth. Massage into your beard and hair for a shiny, healthy-looking beard and hair. Include your face, neck, and chest to restore damage to your skin, hydrate, and repair dry, pigmented and oily, acne skin.
Lips and cuticles – The serum can also be used to soften cuticles or heal dry and chapped lips.

Additional information

Beard Oil

20ml, 50ml


Baobab Oil, Sunflower Oil, Caster Oil, Rosehip Oil, Chamomile Oil, and the Signature men’s Range Fragrance (Sandalwood, Clove essential oils and Wood Essence).


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