Vision & Mission

To create a profitable business while offering a good quality product to our clients. Follow Fair Trade practices, improve the lives of our employees, create opportunities for unskilled workers and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.
We focus on using ingredients sourced locally and producing products that are organic, vegan-friendly and use containers that are re-usable or recyclable.
Our focus is to grow and expand our online sales and retail presence within South African and the African continent.

About Skin Clays

Centuries ago. man first observed that animals (either wounded or with bad skin conditions) would roll in clay and muddy watering holes. The animals would thereby heal and avoid life threatening infections.

The conclusion was simple – clay had healing properties. Eventually, healers created medicinal clay potions that were mixed with foods to heal stomach illnesses. Other clay based potions were used topically to draw out poisons and others still would be used to dress wounds.

For the past four years the Skin Clays team embarked on a journey that would explore the ancient mysteries and reveal the unique and exclusive properties locked up in these clays and their minerals. Ultimately we took these ancient healing methods and gave it a modern twist to fit it into our lifestyles today.

So Skin Clays by KAI is the end product of three years of hard work – a journey that really challenged our team.

The overwhelmingly positive response our products received at the Cape’s three mayor Christmas Markets in 2010 and also Bloemfontein’s number one market in 2011, definitely mode all the hard work worthwhile. The Skin Clays by KAI team – is a team made up of “earthy, soil, nature and skin fundi’s from traditional Africa ie. Malawian people, Sotho’s, Xhosa’s and also a few white children of Africa.

Spoil yourself today – you will be (“skinfully and fragrantly) delightfully surprised!